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Speaker at Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Conference 2023 - Soubhik Das
Manastik, India
Title : Dementia application for diagnosis & tracking


One of the leading causes of global disabilities is Neurological disorders, further it is the one of the top 10 life impacting disorders. It's hard to provide proper Neurological care due to certain factors not limited to affordability but also conveyance problems around rural areas. Teleneurology and Teleneurorehabilitation have immense potential for chronic conditions related to caring people around the world. Teleneurorehabilitation can be approached differently in high income and low-income countries. With the advent of technology, especially smartphones, we are looking at a billion people, whose lives can be touched upon and personalized care can be given. Telestroke has clearly shown the pathway. Artificial Intelligence, coupled with mobile phones and wearable sensors, can not only guide but also monitor care through frequent and real-life assessment of patients. We are developing an online ecosystem that helps with neurological evaluations and cognitive testing for people suffering from dementia. Dementia Active Diagnosis and Tracking (DADT) enables a common platform for the doctors to make cognitive assessment for screening and tracking the progression of dementia by consulting the summarized history; as well as for the caregivers to stay connected with the doctors, and find helpers, etc. It further provides mechanism for the patients to take a test remotely and send the results for evaluations immediately for early detection and tracking efficiency. As a part of patients and caregivers journey, the platform helps them with Neurorehabilitation exercises as a mode of therapy right from the very early stage. One of the ways in which we are getting this done is by leveraging advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics. In parallel, research is being carried out to ensure that we are optimizing the parameters to be tracked and other test factors. This will go through a rigorous clinical trial after its first version is out. Overall, catering to early detection, screening & progression tracking of dementia, a Teleneurology & Teleneurorehabilitation platform is being developed for effective treatment, rehabilitation and better quality of life for dementia patients. 


B.E. Computer Engineering (2018), Current CEO & CTO, Manastik
Former Intel Student Ambassador. Former Intel Software Innovator. Filed 13 patents & worked on several IEEE papers, Represented India & Manastik & ASEAN India Startup Festival 2022, Neurorehab Initiative of the Year 2022 – Project NR (Manastik)
Nidhi EiR Grantee, BIRAC BIG Grantee, Dementia Caregiver (in my family), Innovator (2016-Present)