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Risk Factors Associated with AD and Dementia

Several risk factors have been found that influence the likelihood of acquiring one or more types of dementia, according to researchers. Some of these variables can be changed, while others cannot. Alzheimer's disease, according to researchers, has no single cause. It is most likely caused by a combination of variables, including genetics, lifestyle, and environment. Factors that raise the risk of Alzheimer's disease have been identified by scientists. While some risk factors, such as age, family history, and genetics, are unchangeable, new data reveals that there are other aspects we can control. Although increasing age is the most well-known risk factor for Alzheimer's and other dementias, these diseases are not a natural part of ageing. While age raises the risk of Alzheimer's, it is not a direct cause of the disease.

  • Genetic Factors
  • Environmental Factors
  • Lifestyle Factors
  • Stress and Mental Health
  • Modifiable Risk Factors
  • Preventive Measures
Committee Members
Speaker at Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Conference 2023 - Jacqueline Tuppen

Jacqueline Tuppen

Cogs Club, United Kingdom
Speaker at Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Conference 2023 - Kaoru Sakatani

Kaoru Sakatani

The University of Tokyo, Japan
Speaker at Alzheimer’s Disease & Dementia Conference 2023 - Marco Orsini

Marco Orsini

Rio De Janeiro State University, Brazil

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